Aetna Foundation Prize for Health Equity Innovation Seed Stage Grants ($10,000)
With the support of the Aetna Foundation, InnovateHealth Yale, a program at the Yale School of Public Health, will award two $10,000 seed awards to develop technological solutions to address health challenges that disproportionately impact low-income communities. Solutions which employ mobile technology are actively encouraged, but the prize is open to any proposed improvement involving a technological solution.

The Aetna Foundation Seed Stage Grant is open to both Yale students and students from any college or university in Connecticut. One seed award will be given to a team of students from Yale; one to a team from another college in CT.

Winning teams must agree to compete in the $25,000 Aetna Foundation Prize for Health Equity Innovation (below). Awardees receive mentoring to prepare for the $25,000 Aetna Foundation prize. Criteria for the awards will be stage of the venture, its potential impact and how it will be measured, scalability, team and collaborators, and how it will be sustained.

Applications available on October 15th
Application deadline is November 15th
Winners announced first week of December

Can I participate?
Aetna Foundation Seed Stage Prizes are open to all full-time and part-time Yale students, and all full-time and part-time college students in Connecticut, including private colleges, state universities, for-profit colleges & community colleges. All teams must have at least one full-time or part-time student registered at their respective college/university in the semesters of the competition (Fall 2015 and Spring 2016). Entries must be the original work of entrants and may be entered by an individual or a multi-member team. The size of a team is not restricted, nor is the number of entries submitted by a team or an individual. However, applicants are strongly encouraged to only enter one time, as this is the most effective way to learn from the competition process in a focused manner.
Teams that have already secured arrangements for capital from any source must disclose the amounts and sources clearly in their entries (i.e. sales revenues or contracts, research grants, and personal or family funds.)

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