The Connecticut State Bond Commission met November 19 and authorized $10,000,000 in funding to Yale University, the University of Connecticut, and Jackson Laboratories as follows.

Yale University

Continued Support and Technology Development for Shared Core Facilities at the Yale Stem Cell Center – Haifan Lin – $500,000

Studying the Therapeutic Role of iPSCs in Human Lupus – Joseph Craft – $1,200,000

Dissecting human embryonic stem cell pluripotency with functional genomics approaches – Natalia Ivanova – $550,200

Reconstruction of an outer retina for transplantation and pharmaceutical testing – Lawrence Rizzolo – $550,200

Modeling Pax7-associated craniofacial defects with Human ES derived neural crest- Martin Garcia-Castro – $500,000

Regulation of Stem Cell Self-Renewal and Differentiation during Human Neurogenesis – Weimin Zhong – $550,200

TNFR-Bmx signaling in cardiac stem cells and cardiac repair – Wang Min = $750,000

Engineering patient-specific tracheas using iPSC-derived airway epithelial cells – Mahboobe Ghaedi – $199,900

Use of human embryonic stem cells and murine neural stem cells to elucidate pro-apoptotic signaling in Glioblastoma – Samuel Katz – $200,000

Understanding mechanism of tissue repair by live imaging – Sangbum Park – $200,000

Human embryonic and  patient‐derived induced  pluripotent stem cell  models of neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis – Sreeganga Chandra = $200,000

Investigating the role of RIFI in human embryonic stem cells – Yifei Liu – $200,000

University of Connecticut

UCONN-Wesleyan Stem Cell Core – Marc Lalande, Ren-He Xu – $500,000

Using Dup15q iPSCs to explore the genetics and synaptic pathophysiology of

autism – Stormy Chamberlain – $1,100,000

Modeling human cortico-striatal circuit and understanding dendritic spines in schizophrenia – Xin-Ming Ma – $750,000

Use of neonatal Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Human Embryonic Stem Cells in Hyperoxia Induced Lung Injury – Christine Finck – $750,000

Jackson Laboratories

Mechanisms of Crohn’s Disease Revealed by Patient-Specific Stem Cells  –  Frank McKeon – $1,100,000