May 12, 2014 @ 9:00 pm – 10:30 pm
The Grove
760 Chapel Street
New Haven, CT 06510
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Using drug effects/disease symptoms as the starting point, SystaMedic’s prediction platform addresses complexities of the biological system. This unique approach utilizes public and proprietary databases developed by SystaMedic and provides systems-based, cause-effect relationships (e.g., drug-effects, target-effects). At this Clubhouse event, Bob Volkmann, PhD, Director of Chemistry of SystaMedic Inc., will share details on the prediction platform and how it uses these relationships and its core expertise in medicinal chemistry (indications discovery, drug metabolism, cardiovascular safety, drug repurposing and prodrug design) to mitigate risks and identify opportunities in drug discovery. SystaMedic is a part of the UCONN Technology Incubator Program. Learn more about SystaMedic at www.systamedic.com.

About Bob Volkmann:

Dr. Volkmann received his Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry with Samuel Danishefsky and did his postdoctoral studies with W.S. Johnson at Stanford University. He was a medicinal chemist at Pfizer for 34 years, where he was involved in the discovery and progression of marketed drugs and drug candidates and in the development of new technologies to forecast biological effects. He has chaired the Natural Products Gordon Research Conference, is an American Chemical Society Fellow and has served as the elected Chair of the ACS Organic Division. He has over 100 patents and publications and has given numerous scientific presentations. He is one of the Founders of SystaMedic Inc, a biotechnology company which utilizes a novel systems-based platform to impact drug discovery. In addition he is Director of Chemistry and Vice President of Mnemosyne Pharma, a neuroscience-focused biotech company that is developing small molecule therapeutics to treat such diseases as depression, schizophrenia and Rett’s Syndrome.