February 23, 2015 @ 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm
The Jackson Laboratory For Genomic Medicine

Smpl Bio

Smpl Bio is a software company developing tools to simplify experimental design for biologists, geneticists and other using targeted biomarker platforms. Our core technology is a highly engineered machine learning pipeline which performs robust biomarker selection on diverse genetic datasets. Around this platform we have built a web based service which facilitates proper experimental design through automatic and manual quality control, insightful visualizations and rigorous statistics.

Our founding team consists of 4 scientists, Craig Nelson, Ion Mandoiu, James Lindsay and Edward Hemphill from the University of Connecticut. We are complemented by 3 industry veterans, Kevin Bouley of NERAC, Tom Costello and Paul Brody. We are commercializing our SaaS tools by following a B2B strategy. We partner with consumable suppliers for direct integration into their existing software ecosystems. We have faced several hurdles including the difficulty in clearly defining IP around software tools, building a defensible business model, asymmetric negotiations with large businesses, and growing a talented software/leadership team in the woods.

So far we have raising capital from founders, UCONN grants and the CI Challenge program. We aim to have license agreements in place to make our tools available to scientists through at least one vendor by mid 2015 with others following quickly after that. We are looking for help in building our team, our near term goal is to find a bioinformatics engineer and soon we will be recruiting for a biologist with experience with targeted platforms and experimental design to help with sales and integration. Additionally we are looking for bioinformaticians and biologists to take our API and reference platform for testing and advice on missing features.

Send us questions and comments on Twitter: @cureconnect | #curebsc


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