Cheminpharma LLC, located in Branford, CT, is a leading CRO for preclinical discovery stage projects managed by seasoned experts in the field. Cheminpharma is offering substantial discounts to CURE member companies.

It is critical to find experienced, well managed CRO’s at the seed and growing stage for companies engaged in discovering novel therapies for various disorders. Cheminpharma is eager to help and offering over 10% discount to CURE member companies.

Cheminpharma’s services include:

  • Medicinal Chemistry
    Medicinal chemistry is our core expertise. Drug design (drug-like molecules). Synthesis of custom libraries, lead optimization, Antibody-drug conjugate, Design and synthesis of macrocyclic ring structures etc.
    With our experience of dealing with several different targets and dealing with various novel chemotypes, we can support your team, we can be your team or we can manage your program. We can creatively solve various issues facing drug discovery, we can effectively collaborate with biology, DMPK group using either our internal resources or working with your internal groups.
  • Custom Synthesis
    Intermediates, reference compounds, scale-up for non-GMP toxicology studies
  • Process Development and Scale-up
    Kilo lab, synthesis up to 1 Kg scale
  • DMPK
    Offered in collaboration with our partners
  • Chemical Matter Evaluation
    Patentability and patent coverage
  • Analytical Services
    Analytical and preparative HPLC, LC/MS

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