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Nerac, Inc

One Technology Dr.
Tolland, CT 06084

Phone: 860-872-7000
Fax: 860-872-6026

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General Information
Nerac Inc. is a global research and advisory firm for companies developing innovative products and technologies. Nerac provides expert insights that equip clients with the knowledge to develop or refine a technology, explore market growth opportunities, evaluate intellectual property strategies and respond to regulatory changes. Nerac has approximately 1,000 clients worldwide and a long, successful consulting history in a wide-range of industries with a strong focus in the areas of pharmaceutical, medical devices, engineering, energy, food and nutraceuticals and specialty chemicals. Learn more about Nerac here.

Research Activities
Nerac Analysts combine business and marketing, technical R&D and intellectual property expertise in a multi-disciplinary research methodology to provide custom solutions that answer critical business questions. Our research and advisory services include:

  • EXPERT RESEARCH REQUEST SERVICES: Real-time updates on vital information through automated alert management and custom briefings
  • RESEARCH & ADVISORY SERVICES: Custom assessments and recommendations on product and technology development opportunities, competitive intelligence, intellectual property strategies, regulatory and compliance requirements and more
  • SPECIAL PROJECT SERVICES: In depth research and analysis supplemented by Nerac analysts’ insights based on the client’s specific needs

Nerac Analysts can …

  • Quickly and Economically Expand Your Scope of Knowledge. Our analysts respond to hundreds of client business questions each month. They are exposed to trends and issues in many industry sectors, which can translate to faster access to new insights and opportunities for your team.
  • Answer Simple to Complex Questions. Analysts are available to respond to a range of business questions, from simple literature searches to complex patent portfolio analyses.
  • Provide Continuous Insights. Stay informed on critical developments with customized notifications that deliver fresh information and insights about important events as they happen.
  • Deliver Relevant and Actionable Results. We’ll make sure you receive the information, advice and support you need and help you navigate through the data sources to transform the information into actionable insights.

Other Information
Ownership: Private
CT Employees: 55
World Employees: 70

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