Amogh Sivarapatna

Amogh is third year PhD candidate in biomedical engineering at Yale. He recently led a team to evaluate the market potential (>$300M) of a new product for a clinical-stage orthopedic device company and made recommendations to the CEO for an effective go-to-market strategy. Amogh works at the forefront of regenerative medicine and cell therapy. His work focuses on personalized stem cell therapeutics for whole-lung and vascular tissue regeneration and has published multiple papers in the area. He was previously at the National Institutes of Health, where he worked alongside clinicians to develop novel pre-clinical immunotherapy strategies for relapsed cancer treatment. Following the completion of his work at Yale, Amogh plans to enter medtech/life science consulting to help businesses grow and address key strategic issues. He holds a BS in biomedical engineering from University of Virginia.


Louis Williams

Louis is a student at the Yale School of Management and is currently in the process of completing a joint MD/MBA program between Albany Medical College and Yale University. Prior to enrolling in medical school, Louis worked as an analyst at a Boston-based early stage life sciences venture firm focused on specialty pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and healthcare information technology with approximately $800M in assets under management. He served as the lead analyst for 15 of 23 active portfolio company investments and provided support to portfolio company managers at every organizational level, from advising board of directors members surrounding the top-line implications of a $30M agricultural biotechnology partnership to working closely with a portfolio company CFO to accurately value a genomics platform. In addition to his work in the venture capital industry, Louis has worked on a contract basis for several boutique management consulting firms in the Boston area. Following the completion of his coursework at Yale, Louis will pursue a medical residency in internal medicine and explore leadership roles at growth stage life sciences companies. He holds an AB in biophysical chemistry from Dartmouth College.


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