A team of Yale graduate students is gaining unique experience in how to launch a startup. Under the name Anthos Pharmaceuticals they are competing in the NIH Neuro Startup Challenge.

The Anthos team is pursuing a novel Alzheimer’s therapeutic that takes a new angle on treating the devastating disease by preventing hyperphosphorylation of Tau.

Please take a minute to view their materials, vote for them, and pass this message on to others who may be interested in supporting the Anthos team.The team has launched a website and an “elevator pitch” video on PitchBurner.

The team is being mentored by Susan Froshauer, PhD, president and CEO of CURE; Jim Heym, PhD, senior director of Life Sciences Venture Development at UCONN; and Gus Lawlor, managing director of HealthCare Ventures. The group is also supported by the Yale Entrepreneurial Institute.

The purpose of the competition is to accelerate the transfer of scientific innovation to the market by allowing teams to compete for access to NIH-held patents, while fostering business development. Over the course of the competition, teams craft their pitch, develop a business strategy, meet with potential investors, and incorporate their startup.